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2:39 pm, Jul 21, 2011 | Written by pcampbell

A brewery under construction in Linwood hopes to start brewing October
1, and sell their beer in kegs to local restaurants and bars.
Double Barrel Brewery will be located at 4720 Eastern Ave. near Bella
Luna and Terry’s Turf Club.
It’s a dream business for  Greg Brown, Charles Boucher and Sean Smith.
Boucher is the brewer, taking a decade of experience in  home brewing
to a commercial venture. Their system will be capable of producing
1,000 gallons of beer per brew cycle, and since they figure to brew
once a week, that’s about 240 kegs a week. They aren’t starting out
with a bottling system: all the beer will go in kegs.
They’re renovating a large building just east of Bella Luna
restaurant. They’re including a tasting bar, where they’ll have
occasional tastings; perhaps every Saturday. They’re not allowed to
sell beer, but they are allowed to give it away, so the tastings will
be free.
Brown says they have gotten an encouraging amount of interest from
local bars and restaurants.  Their staple beers will be a  Bad Tom
Ale, an Irish ale that’s a little more hoppy than normal,  and the
mainstay of many craft brewers, an as yet unnamed India Pale Ale.
The brewing system is being built by a Cincinnati company, Accurate
Mechanical,  who specializes in sanitary stainless-steel welding.
Brown said using them has been a big break, since many microbreweries
have their equipment shipped from Oregon.
All three of the partners have full-time jobs and intend to keep them
until, they hope, the brewery becomes successful. “I hope it’s a
success. To me, that means I hope to see it on tap on some of the good
beer bars around here. Being able to order it at Arnold’s or Dilly
Cafe will make me very happy,” said Brown.


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