A new study suggests that a few swigs of vodka can make a man think quicker on his feet

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Posted: 12:48 PM
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Want a creative boost? A new study suggests a glass of Grey Goose may
do the trick.

The study, published in the journal Consciousness and Cognition ,
found men with a slight buzz were wittier with their words – more so
than their sober counterparts.

"Intuitive insights into tricky word-association problems occurred
more frequently when men who were intoxicated but not legally drunk,"
said psychology graduate student and co-author Andrew Jarosz of the
University of Illinois at Chicago.

For the study called “Uncorking the Muse”, 40 males had to sit down
and watch an animated movie.

Twenty were drinking the popular vodka cranberry cocktails, and eating
a snack, while the other 20 watched without food or drink.

During the study, researchers ensured the blood alcohol level of the
men drinking did not exceed .075 percent, which is just below the
common legal intoxication rate of .08.

Both groups were then asked to solve 15 sets of creative
word-association problems.

The sober men took an average of 15.2 seconds to solve each puzzle,
while the slightly inebriated men only took 11.5.

Also, the “tipsy” group got on average three more questions right.

Both groups performed very comparably on the test before the movie.

In the published study, psychologist J. Scott Saults said intoxication
may aid creativity partly by lowering the ability to control one’s

Another creativity booster Saults reported is that intoxicated
individuals become less afraid to make mistakes.

So, do you feel more creative after a few drinks? Let us know in the
comments section below.

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