Architectural legacy of Cincinnati breweries lives on in 'Bricks, Barrel Vaults & Beer'

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Zachary McAuliffe  

Cincinnati is a beer-drinking city. At one point in our city’s
history, the average Cincinnatian consumed two-and-a-half times more
beer than other citizens in the country.

Cincinnati also has one of the largest numbers of pre-Prohibition-era
breweries in the U.S.

Our city has such a strong connection to beer that the Betts House is
opening an art exhibit called Bricks, Barrel Vaults & Beer: The
Architectural Legacy of Cincinnati Breweries.

The focus of the exhibit is on how the architectural style of
breweries helped influence other city buildings in Cincinnati. The
exhibit is also showing ideas for the development of those remaining
brewery buildings throughout the city.

Through Feb. 27. $2. Betts House, 416 Clark St., West End,
513-651-0734, thebettshouse.o

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