Beat the heat with these Top 9 local summer beers

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By: Jesse Folk
11:18 AM, Jul 21, 2014
22 mins ago

CINCINNATI -- Plenty of the Queen City's brewers have summer beers
designed to be refreshing and help you keep cool, so if the heat has
you reaching for a cold one, give these local seasonal beers a try:

1. MadTree Brewing -- Sol Drifter -- Whether you drift along in life,
drift down the river, or just want to drift through a drinking
session, Sol Drifter will let you go where you want by delivering
subtle citrus hop flavors to complement a crisp, refreshing, tart
finish. 4.3% ABV, 18 IBU

This beer even comes with some suggested cocktails. MadTree’s brewers
suggest trying these recipes with your Sol Drifter.

2. Rivertown -- Jenneke Belgian style blond -- Our Belgian blond ale
is slightly fruity in the nose, mildly spicy in flavor. Jenneke is
nicely dry creating a wonderfully balanced finish! 6.1% ABV, 23 IBU

Of special note, Jenneke was developed in part by a local homebrewer.

3. Christian Moerlein -- Se7en Hefeweizen -- Sinner or saint... the
truth is never transparent, but always finishes heavenly. This
distinctive south German-style wheat beer has distinctive banana and
clove aroma sand flavors with a dry, tart finish from balanced hop
character. 4.7% ABV

4. Rhinegeist -- Zen pale ale -- This Pale Ale is like walking
barefoot through a citrus grove in the morning. Earthy and orange zest
hop character permeates this Session Pale. Has notes of grapefruit and
pine. 4.8% ABV, 45 IBU

The Zen pale ale was Rhinegeist’s third can option.

5. Mt. Carmel -- Summer Wheat -- Bright, citrusy and hoppy, this
summertime ale salutes the flavor of the American hop and gives way to
a smooth refreshing finish. 4.8% 34 IBU

6. Great Crescent -- Aurora Lager -- Aurora Lager is crafted using
German malt and hops which results in a beer full of body and flavor.
Only German Perle hops are used to create this very unique beer. 5.3%
28 IBU.

7. Blank Slate -- Out and About wheat ale -- In Eastern Germany there
is an old, nearly forgotten style of wheat beer known as Gose
(pronounced "goes-uh"). Traditionally brewed with coriander and salt
and fermented to produce a slight sourness, this beer has a tart,
refreshing finish. Our version uses German "Sauermalz" and a little
caraway to go along with the coriander and just a touch of sea salt.
The result is a crisp, refreshing wheat ale that is just the thing
when you are ‘out and about’ on a warm day. 5.4% ABV 26 IBU

8. 50 West -- Little Miami Wiesse -- Our tart wheat ale best fits the
bill. Really crisp wheat flavor, which people associate with summer,
plus it's easy to drink with such a low ABV. Berliner Weisse Style
refreshing wheat beer.  Tart and tangy, the lemonade of beers. 3% ABV

9. Listermann -- Beets Me wheat -- It started as an experiment, now
it’s a summer favorite at Listermann Brewing. Beets Me is brewed with
beet juice, giving it a distinct, pinkish hue. This fruity wheat ale
has aromas of bananas and spice. 5.3% ABV 13 IBU

Get a better look at the brews by clicking through the slideshow

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