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anyone on here know the best way of collecting them? I've already
asked for and got them at bars, but, I want to get them all , the old
ones from way back. Appreciate in advance any help.  Blue

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Blue wrote:
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You can also buy them in a liquor store or anywhere that's licensed for
selling beer in your state.  This way, you buy the cap, take them off
yourself AND get a free bottle of open beer underneath! <g>

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If you're in the US, join one of the "Breweriana" collecting groups-
caps are traded and sold by mail and at shows.  Also, note for doing
Google searches, the caps are also known as "crowns" or "crown caps"-
the original name for the crimped-on bottle cap.  Crowns can go for
10-25 for current/recent, $1 and up (way up) for old and rare.
IIRC, there are "chapters" in some of these groups that specialize in
crowns. Note that some of these groups *tend* to be regional- so before
joining one, check their "show schedule" if you hope to attend shows
rather than collect only via the mail.  Also, if you collect current
crowns, most collectors want undamaged ones, so on "pry off" caps, don't
use a traditional opener than dents the tops.  Either put a quarter
between the opener and crown or use a small screw-driver or other tool
to "spread" some of the crimped sections open and pop off with your thumb.

Re: Beer Bottle Caps...

On Feb 25, 7:39 am, wrote:
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Appreciate all that info, I bought the store and and learned not to
crimp, I mean, by god "Git'er done". how 'bout it!

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