Beer: Good for Your Heart?

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Question: Does drinking beer offer benefits for heart health?
Dr. Brownstein’s Answer:
Good news for beer lovers: A new study, published in the July 1, 2013
issue of Nutrition Journal, shows that drinking a pint a day can
improve the health of your heart. Researchers at Harokopio University
in Athens, Greece, found that blood flow to the heart improved within
a couple of hours of drinking two-thirds of a pint, or 400 mL, of
Aortic stiffness and endothelial (blood vessel) function were assessed
upon fasting and at one and two hours after drinking. Aortic stiffness
was significantly reduced by all three interventions. Endothelial
function improved significantly only after beer consumption. In
fact, beer beat out nonalcoholic beer, which won over vodka.
Beer drinkers, rejoice. There are many studies that point to moderate
alcohol drinkers, as
compared to nondrinkers, having lower risk of heart disease. So on a
hot summer day, you
don’t have to feel bad about having a cold one.

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