Beer store in Boise?

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Can anyone recommend a good source for beer (in bottles and
cans for takeaway) in Boise, Idaho?

Specifically: my brother, who recently moved there, is planning
a rafting trip, and any beer he takes must be in cans.  I've
suggested several likely makes (Dale's Pale Ale and some of the
nitrogen-charged English styles), but he's having trouble finding
such locally.


Mark Shaw
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Re: Beer store in Boise?

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A quick search of revealed these:

Re: Beer store in Boise?

Mark Shaw wrote:
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Didn't you ask the same thing last September?

Re: Beer store in Boise? wrote:
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You know, I thought I might have, but then I couldn't find it in
my outgoing posts.  But yes, there it is - sorry for the repeat.

(Oh, and thanks also to the other guy - I'd already discovered
the Boise Coop via another source, and just forwarded the link
to Ridley's along to my brother.

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