Cincinnati was built on beer. But to the rest of the country, we're newcomers to the craft...

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What do we have to do to win respect?

Liz Engel, WCPO contributor
7:37 AM, Jun 30, 2016

CINCINNATI — When it comes to craft beer, Cincinnatians sure think  
they know their stuff. It's a city built upon brewing, they say. It's our l
egacy, they say.

But on a national level, we're arguably still a fly-over city, even though  
in recent years our cups — or, in this case, growlers — ove

The greater metropolitan area now includes nearly three dozen craft beer ma
kers. Nine Giant Brewing recently opened in Pleasant Ridge, and two others  
— Woodburn Brewery (East Walnut Hills) and Queen City Brewery (Blue
 Ash) — are coming online soon. Others are pouring — pun in
tended — millions into expansions that promise more — and b
etter-tasting — brew.

So exactly when will the rest of the country will take notice?

Who's to say it hasn't?

SmartAsset named Cincinnati the No. 10 "best city for beer drinkers" in a M
arch poll. Fortune’s recent list, "10 under-the-radar cities" in th
e craft world, gave the Queen City a nod based on the fact the number of br
eweries in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky has "tripled" over the last fiv
e years. Rhinegeist, arguably one of the fastest-growing craft breweries in
 the entire country, was second in a USA Today poll of "best new breweries"
 nationwide. The Over-the-Rhine beermaker, mind you, celebrated only its th
ird anniversary this past Saturday.

But that logic only goes so far. Most lists have a common theme. We're "new
." "Under the radar." "Up-and-coming." In other words, far from unseating t
op picks like Portland, San Diego and Denver.

Bobby Slattery, founding partner and director of operations at 50 West, sai
d he pays no mind to such lists. He's busy concocting events like July 9's  
Punch Out festival. (More on that later.)

Maybe that's a good thing. Many polls, including this 2015 Thrillist articl
e from writer Andy Kryza, don't include Cincinnati at all. That's not all t
hat unusual — nor all that offensive — minus the fact that  
Cleveland, our arch-nemesis to the north, made this list. WCPO reached out  
to Andy and — short of questioning his allegiance to the Browns ?
?? asked, "Why?!"

Kryza said Cincinnati is "definitely" on his radar as a "growing city" for  
beer, but it also seems — at least in his West Coast opinion (he li
ves in Portland) — "to be pretty self-contained."

It's tough to find our beer outside of Buckeye borders, he lamented.

WCPO Insiders can read on to find out why our craft beer has such a small f
ootprint outside of Ohio and what one local brewery has planned next month  
that is sure to draw attention to our corner of the world.

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