Evicted tenants left 55 gallons of home-brewed booze behind

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HAMILTON — Whoops. Someone forgot to stop brewing the booze.

Whoever was evicted from a Bishop Avenue address left behind a nearly
full 55-gallon drum of moonshine in a homemade still in a garage,
authorities say.

A propane-fueled flame being used to heat the homemade concoction was
still lit beneath the drum when police arrived Tuesday evening to
investigate a landlord-tenant complaint, firefighters say.

Police called firefighters to handle the potentially volatile

Firefighters and a hazardous-materials team responded, and
firefighters evacuated the homes flanking the garage.

After using devices to test the air, firefighters found it was safe to
enter and they shut off the 20-pound propane tank, extinguishing the

Police and fire officials went into the home and found evidence that
someone also may have been making methamphetamine, a powerful illegal

Police took control of the scene and began a criminal investigation,
firefighters said.

It was unclear whether anyone would face charges; authorities say the
residence, which was attached to the garage containing the still,
appeared to be vacant. Police couldn’t be reached immediately for
comment Wednesday.



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