Flossmoor StationX-IPA (Extreme)

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I got a bottle in a trade and man, this is one tasty and balanced DIPA!

Here's my notes on it:

I got this bottle in a trade with joe1510. Thanks Joe!!

My first sample from this brewery:

Cool black waxed 22oz bottle, it pours a clear bright amber with a 1 finger
head of foam.

The smell has a huge hoppy nose to it. Big notes of grapefruit abound with
an interesting amount of tangerines there as well. Malt? You betchya it's
here. OOdles of luscious caramel permeate my nosebuds and I'm thinking to
myself that if the taste is as nicely balanced as the nose, this one could
be a real treat.

And the taste....does not disappoint! Huge on the grapefruit and tangerine,
huge on the caramel and a pretty substantial amount of bread, slight
spiciness...yep, this is one tasty and oh so balanced son of a gun! And man,
it's a real drinkable gem as well but I gotta watch it, 8%abv is nothing to
sneeze at. Still it does taste strong but the alcohol is very well hidden,
if that makes any sense.

The head retention is turning out to be quite good and it supplies some nice
sticky lacing.

The mouthfeel is on the high side of medium, and the carbonation is medium
light; it finishes slightly bready and slightly bitter. The citrus here goes
beyond what I'm used to and big kudos to Flossmoor Station for that. If you
can't tell by now, I'm digging this DIPA in a big way and I'm so glad I got
to try it. Thanks again to Joe and....if you see this one on your local
shelves, grab some, not just 1!!!

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