'Fortune' highlights Cincinnati as 'under-the-radar' city for beer lovers

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CINCINNATI – Cincinnati’s booming brewing business is no secret to
locals, and now word is starting to get out to beer enthusiasts across
the country.

Fortune Magazine named Cincinnati among 10 “under-the-radar” cities
for beer lovers in a listicle posted Wednesday. They interviewed
people in the industry from across the country to find up-and-coming
beer cities and avoid any regional bias.
The magazine noted the explosion in the number of breweries in the
past few years, and highlighted growth at breweries like Rhinegeist
and MadTree .

Of course, those aren’t Cincinnati’s only breweries. From old
favorites like Moerlein to relative newcomers like Braxton, the
Tri-State is home to more than two dozen breweries.

Fortune also highlighted Minneapolis; Asheville; Nashville; Atlanta
and Athens, Georgia; Boston; Charlotte; Tampa and Austin in the list.

“Go to any of these cities and it’s a safe bet you’re going to find
plenty of craft beers to rave about,” the magazine wrote.


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