Going for gold: Cincinnati brewers set to compete in Great American Beer Festival

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#9beer's Jesse Folk will be covering the Great American Beer Festival
from Denver! Follow @wcpojesse on Twitter to see if any local brewers
won as the announcements are made!


CINCINNATI -- The Great American Beer Festival is just a week away and
several local brewers are geared up and ready to take on the

The festival runs Thursday, Oct. 2, through Saturday, Oct. 4., at the
Denver Convention Center in the heart of the Mile High City.

The festival, (known by patrons and fans as GABF,) is a yearly beer
competition and expo held by the Brewers Association. It’s also one of
the biggest beer competitions in the world.

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The event was founded in 1982 and organizers said it represents the
largest collection of U.S. beer ever served. The festival is so
popular, that even despite growing attendance every year, tickets
still sell out within minutes.

Each year, hundreds of brewers from across the nation enter thousands
of beers into the event hoping to win one of the coveted medals. Each
category awards three medals, (Gold, Silver and Bronze,) but
organizers said they don’t necessarily have to award a medal. If the
beers in a certain category aren’t up to standard, no medal will be
awarded that year.

During the 2012 competition, almost 700 breweries entered more than
4,000 beers in the 84 recognized categories. Last year the Brewers
Association had to call in 185 beer experts and more than 100
volunteers to get all the judging done.

The festival is also a great opportunity to learn about beer. In
addition to all the sampling the patrons get to do, it’s also an
industry expo showcasing the best in pairing foods with beers, books,
home brewing and more.

This year, at least nine Cincinnati breweries will be taking part in
the competition.

Rivertown Brewing will enter their: Ojos Negros, Lambic, Pumpkin Ale,
Hop Baron Double IPA, and a German Kellerbier. (Kellerbiers are
unfiltered “cellar beers,” this one will be similar to Rivertown’s
Helles lager.)

Fifty West Brewing will bring their: Paycheck Porter, Coffee Please
Stout, 10&2 barley wine, bourbon barrel aged 10&2 barley wine, and the
Speedbump Kolsch.

The Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. will enter: Se7en hefeweizen,
Hudepohl pilsner, Zeppelin Bavarian pale ale, 10+161 winter warmer,
and the Northern Liberties IPA.

The Moerlein Lager House is set to enter: Old Gregg Scottish Ale,
Kiskepils, Friend of an Irishman double stout and the Helltown Rye
Brown Ale.

The newly established Ei8ht Ball Brewing will make its debut with:
Tarnished golden ale, Prodigal pale ale, Red Drink double IPA, bourbon
barrel aged Tarnished, (dubbed Reintarnation,) bourbon barrel aged
Word, (Scotch Ale.)

MadTree Brewing will enter their: gin barrel aged Salazar, (kolsch
with juniper berries and ginger,) Axis Mundi Russian imperial stout,
PsycHOPathy IPA, Lift kolsch, and Galaxy High imperial IPA.

Over-the-Rhine-based Rhinegeist Brewing is set to enter: Truth IPA,
Cougar blonde ale, Uncle British mild ale, Fiction Belgian extra pale
ale, and the Saber Tooth Tiger imperial IPA.

Listermann Brewing will bring its: Cincinnati Red Ale, E.S. Bee,
(Extra Special Bitter ale & a collaboration with Lymestone Brewing,)
Nutcase Peanut Butter Porter, and the Friar Bacon Smoked Bock.

Triple Digit Brewing is set to enter its: Chickow! Hazelnut double
brown ale and Cinnamon Roll Chickow! Hazelnut double brown ale.

At press time, Mount Carmel Brewing, Great Crescent Brewing and Cellar
Dweller had not indicated whether they would enter any beers at GABF.
All the other brewers in the Greater Cincinnati area opted not to
enter any beers.

Among the regional brewers that were contacted, West Sixth Brewing of
Lexington said they would enter their: IPA, Amber, Lemongrass American
Wheat and Pay It Forward Cocoa Porter.

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Local brewers medal at Great American Beer Festival
Quoted text here. Click to load it

The locally-based Listermann/Triple Digit Brewing Company and Ei8ht
   Ball Brewing breweries both took home bronze medals on Saturday at the
   Great American Beer Festival.

   Listermann's Nutcase Peanut Butter Porter was awarded the bronze medal
   in the "Specialty Beer" category.

   The category describes the beers as very light to black depending on
   the underlying style. The specialty beers are brewed with unusual
   sugars grains and starches other than the traditional malted barley.

   Ei8ht Ball's Reintarnation took home a bronze medal in the
   "Wood-and-Barrel Aged" category on Saturday. The category featured 64
   entries from across the county.

   The category lists its qualifying beers as ones aged with the intention
   of imparting the particularly unique character of the wood and what has
   previously been in the barrel.

   Other Ohioan winners included The Columbus Brewing Company, Fat Head's
   Brewery and JAFB Wooster Brewery.

   The Columbus Brewing Company was the state's biggest winner, collecting
   a gold and a bronze medal. Creeper, the brewery's Imperial India Pale
   Ale, won gold in its respective category and Bodhi, the brewery's
   American-style India Pale Ale, won bronze in its category.


   Moerlein LH presenting at Great American Beer Fest

   Fat Head's Brewery, a near-perennial winner out of Cleveland, won
   bronze in the German-style wheat beer category for its Alpen Glow.

   And the JAFB Wooster Brewery won silver for its Wooster New Stout in
   the foreign style stout category.

   The festival, which bills itself as representing "the largest
   collection of U.S. beer ever served" each year, draws 49,000 people
   during its three days in Denver, Colo.


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