Happy beermas! Check out the Top 9 gifts for beer lovers for 2013

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The holidays are upon us and that means it’s time to get that special
beer lover in your life a gift they’ll love!

#9beer and BeerMumbo have you covered with the Top 9 beer gifts for

1. Brewer’s Best Beast Equipment Kit w/ Better Bottle
Brewer’s Best is one of the industry standards when it comes to

The Beast kit includes everything you need to make a great batch of

There are also Brewer’s Best beer kits you can buy to get started, as

2. Zymurgy – 12 Month/6 Issue Subscription

Zymurgy has been teaching amateur brewers for the past 27 years and is
still going strong.

The magazine features innovative recipes, discussions on equipment
building, explanations of brewing science and much, much more.

The subscription also comes with a full-year membership to the
American Homebrewers Association.

There are also discounts to more than 300 breweries and pubs

3. 6-Bottle Bike Bag

This is the ultimate gift for that hipster or urbanite beer lover in
your family.

The bike beverage carrier is also perfect for that quick ride to a
friend’s house or picnic.

The bag is also waterproof and designed with cyclists in mind.

It also features a secure Velcro attachment system to keep those suds
safely secure so saddle up!

4. Go Plate Reusable Food & Beverage Holder

This might be our most practical gift for the holidays.

An ingenious way to keep track of your beer AND those holiday
appetizers, this tray fits right over your favorite bottle of

Not only can you hold it call in one hand, when you set your food down
you won’t lose track of it.

It’s designed for warm or cold foods and can also go in your
dishwasher so you can reuse it.

5. BeerSmarts: The Question and Answer Cards that makes learning about
beer easy and fun

Do you know a porter from a stout? Or a lager from an ale?

Pop open BeerSmarts and find out everything about your favorite

The colorful questions and answers can quench your thirst for
knowledge about everything beer.

Grab your brew buddies and get started!

6. Hop Candy-Cascade Flavored Hard Candy

It had to happen sometime. Some mad genius had to combine hops with
candy to make sure that we hop-heads can get fresh hop taste at any

This hard candy comes in several different flavors so you can find
your favorite hops varietal.

The candy is said to mix sweet and bitter flavors to taste of
freshly-boiled wort.

7. Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue Beer-Can Chicken Rack

Beer and barbecue go together like… well, beer and barbecue!

The weather might be a bit cold for grilling right now but just wait
until spring and summer and this little device will be just the thing
to kick off grill season.

The all stainless steel holder won’t react with food and features a
“unique stainless steel canister” that can be filled with wine, fruit
juice or other liquids besides beer.

There’s also a drip pan to make cleanup easy and to prevent flare-ups.

8. 300 Beers to Try Before You Die!

Your bucket list just filled to overflowing.

This book will get you up to speed on everything from Belgian fruit
beers to hoppy cask ales and nano-beers to Czech Republic lagers.

This book divides beers by type and other specifications.

Many of the entries are illustrated and each beer has a panel you can
add your own tasting notes to.

9. Beer Hammer Bottle Opener

If home improvement drives you to drink, ThinkGeek has you covered.

This trusty hammer will not only drive home that last dastardly nail,
it’ll help you get straight to relaxing once your project is done.

So get the gift that keeps on giving; it’ll keep your crafty-minded
friends busy in projects and the not-so-DIY-talented dads happy after
their latest disaster.


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