New brewery opening soon

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There’s something starting to brew near Lunken Airport.

After searching for a site for several months, Mt. Washington resident
Scott LaFollette is getting ready to start production at his new Blank
Slate Brewing Co. business.

With help from friends and family, LaFollette has renovated a space on
Airport Road in the East End and plans to start brewing two seasonal
beers in April.

LaFollette has been brewing beer at home for years, usually 10 gallons
at a time. Now, with his new equipment, LaFollette can brew more than
200 gallons.

LaFollette said he’s excited to start his own brewery and the name is
very appropriate for where he is in life and his views on brewing.

“I’ve leveraged most of what I own and sunk my savings into this and
am moving on with my life,” said the former polymer chemist.

“It’s also a fitting philosophy with my beer. I start with a blank
slate and no misconceptions … and try to brew a lot of classic styles
of beer, but change one or two things to make it different than what
the expectation would be.”

He plans to brew seasonal beers and with spring around the corner
LaFollette said he opted for lighter beer with a crisper palate. Blank
Slate Brewing Co. will have different blends throughout the year and
rotate its beers seasonally.

Columbia Tusculum resident Matt Ackermann said he’s happy there will
be another local brewery in the area.

“It’s really interesting and kind of a great way to bring back the
history of Cincinnati,” he said. “Having this one open in our area and
to have more local brews being produced here, I’m all for it.”

Even as craft brewing gains more traction across the country it’s
still a small portion of all beer sales with a lot of room for growth
and he’s happy to join the handful of other local breweries in

“There is a lot of room for everyone, and it’s a great community with
lots of camaraderie,” he said. “We help each other and that keeps us
all together to compete against the big brewers (like

At first, the beer will be distributed to area bars and restaurants,
but LaFollette said he hopes to start bottling this fall and selling
the beer to local shops and specialty stores. If everything goes well
he may expand into the adjacent space next year and open a taproom for

LaFollette said he might also make custom brews for businesses or
What’s on tap?

Blank Slate Brewing Co. will start with two different seasonal blends.
• The first is an America session ale called Movin’ On. Brewery owner
Scott LaFollette explained that session ale is an English term for a
beer that has lower alcohol content so you can drink a couple pints in
a “session.”
• The second beer is called Pour ...Wait ... Repeat. LaFollette said
it’s an American wheat beer with a little more hops than standard
wheat beers, but the hops will be added later in the brewing process
to add more flavor and aroma instead of bitterness.


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