New undergound beer tunnel found

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No word on whether Geraldo Rivera has been invited, but Christian
Moerlein Brewery officials and Over-the-Rhine Brewery District
advocates plan to break through what they say is a newly discovered
tunnel connecting former breweries in the neighborhood that was once
home to dozens of beer makers.

Greg Hardman, CEO of Christian Moerlein Brewing Co., says he?s
discovered a new tunnel beneath the complex he recently purchased,
where he plans to begin brewing beer again in Over-the-Rhine.

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On Thursday, he and others plan to break through a wall that connects
the tunnel with others, part of a maze of tunnels where beer was
stored and delivered before Prohibition.

Hardman recently purchased the former Husman?s potato chip plant in
Over-the-Rhine, where he plans to begin making some versions of
Christian Moerlein and Hudepohl beer by late next year.

Part of the purchase included some of the old Kaufmann brewery, a
large pre-Prohibition Cincinnati brewer.

Hardman has invited the news media to attend as a crew breaks through
an underground wall that is believed to connect to another underground

In the early 20th century, such tunnels were used both to store beer
in cool places and to deliver it to nearby saloons.

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