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Irish-Style Beer Turned Into Cheap Fuel In US

Seán O'Driscoll in New York

A strong Irish-style beer is being successfully turned
into cheap fuel for cars in the United States.

The Coors brewing company is converting its waste product
into ethanol to fuel cars, with Killians Irish Red turning
out to be the most efficient fuel source.

The beer has a higher alcohol content than regular Coors
beers, which converts to greater fuel content when
converted to ethanol. Coors ! and its engineering partner,
Merrick, is already producing 1.5 million gallons of
ethanol, using Killians and other Coors products.

Coors are opening a second $2.3 million ethanol plant later
this month, which will double ethanol production by adding
millions of gallons of beer that spilled during the brewing

Merrick vice-president Steven Wagner said the project will
last at least 15 years. "It's a pretty unique solution.
Killians has a higher alcohol solution, so you get just
that bit more energy from it," he said.

Mr Wagner said that the Coors brewery in Golden, Colorado,
produces more than 21 million barrels of beer a year and
could be a major ethanol source.

He said it would take just a few weeks before his company
sets up the second ethanol production plant.

Researchers say the plant will be an expanding project that
will help the environment and help beat rising fuel costs.
The ethanol from the! Coors plant will sell at about $2.55
(€2.11) a gallon, or 47 cent a litre.

(c) The Irish Times

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