Restaurant refilling beer bottles?

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I've had two occasions recently where I ordered a name brand beer in a
restaurant and was brought an open bottle with the correct label but
with a different beer inside.  Tonight I ordered a Sam Adams Boston
Lager - an amber beer with distinctive hops - and was brought a nice
brownish beer with minimal hops, no personality.

Is this sort of thing happening to anyone else?


Re: Restaurant refilling beer bottles?

Hamish wrote:
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I hope you had your aluminum foil hat on when you realized this-
if they were able to read your thoughts, who knows what they would have
done to you or your food.

I can't imagine the difficulty of filling used, empty bottles of beer
[from the tap or another bottle?  Either way, it would have to be out of
sight of the public] would be worth the trouble, the cost in labor, the
cost of the other beer or the possible fines involved.

I'd chalk it up to old beer (hops fade) and the color difference to the
lighting and/or the glass- altho', an really old bottle of beer will be
cloudy/more opaque and will make the beer looking darker.

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