Rhinegeist Brewing will start canning in early January, expands production capability

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In a move long expected by fans of Cincinnati’s local craft beer
scene, Rhinegeist has announced that it will begin canning in early

Co-founder Bryant Goulding said that with the addition of two new
80bbl fermenters, the brewery will have the production capability to
launch their canning line.

With those new fermenters, it also pushes Rhinegeist’s brewing
capacity up to 8,000 barrels per year.

The first two beers to be canned will be Rhinegeist’s popular Truth
IPA and Cougar golden ale. The beers will come in 12-ounce six-packs.

The new cans will be available at Remke, Jungle Jim’s, Whole Foods and
other specialty shops to start.

Rhinegeist joins two other local breweries that are canning.

MadTree is an all-can production facility and Rivertown Brewing
recently started selling its popular Hop Bomber pale ale in 16-ounce
cans. Cellar Dweller brewery in Morrow is also planning on adding cans
to its lineup.

Goulding said adding cans to their lineup requires a significant
investment not just of tank space, but also capital. He said they have
to submit orders of 150,000 cans at a time. That means their first
beers to market will have to be beers they know will sell.

Goulding said the team just sent the packaging proofs out to Crown and
the TTB for approval.

A third beer will also be offered after the initial run, but the
brewers have yet to determine which it will be. However, Goulding
hinted it would likely be a seasonal brew.

Rhinegeist has actually had its five-head canning line in the brewery
almost since its inception. At full production speed, the line will be
able to produce 75 cases per hour.

The brewers said they were surprised at the explosiveness of their
growth and had to focus on draft sales for the first six months of
their operation.

All that growth comes with an explosion in staff, as well. The
Rhinegeist team started with just the three founders but has since
grown to 10 staffers by year’s end.

Goulding said two more employees will join the team starting the first
week of January. The brewery is also looking for a canning line

The brewery is also expanding its physical plant. Rhinegeist just
installed a new cold box on the lower floor of the brewery’s building
and Goulding said they just ordered two new 120bbl fermenters. Those
fermenters should be delivered in April.

The expanded production capability means that Rhinegeist will be able
to bring back some fan favorites.

Starting in early January, Uncle (a British Mild,) and Panther Porter
will be back on the taps on Jan. 3.

Fans will also get to try a new American Pale Ale called “Pure Fury”
and an Imperial Porter by mid-to-late January.

Goulding said Pure Fury is the first beer created entirely by brewer
Luke Cole. It will be made with Amarillo and Mosiac hops.


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