Sam Adams Working With State To Expand Facility in Cincinnati West End

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City leaders, the Ohio environmental protection agency and Sam Adams
representatives highlighted today, how cleanup is going in the effort
to expand the brewery.

Sam Adams had three choices at its West End brewery on Central
Parkway.  It could remain there unchanged, move out of state, or take
some risk and expand in the neighborhood.  It chose to stay and clean
up two adjacent properties.

It's completing the work through the Ohio Voluntary Action Program.
Sam Adams is working with EPA approved help to clean up those
properties.  It's also received a $3.5 million grant from the state.

One of the properties used to be a dry cleaning facility.  In fact,
the current brewery is located where an old print shop used to stand.
It too, had to be remediated.  "We're standing in and around
fermentation vessels used to make beer and we're able to do that with
quite a bit of work and capital dollars and not having to demo the
site and being able to preserve one of the buildings in and around the
brewery that's why it was a great project for us as well."

Sam Adams hopes to finish the environmental cleanup at one of the
properties next year.

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