Should you join Alcoholics Anonymous?

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Since you came to this newsgroup, you probably drink beer.  And since
you drink beer (or other alcoholic beverages), you *might* be an
alcoholic.  If you suspect you are an alcoholic, you might consider
joining "Alcoholics Anonymous" (AA).  It seems that everyone thinks of
AA when someone drinks too much, as if it's "The Place to Go".  

But AA is not what most people think it is.  It's NOT an innocent
program for alcoholics.  Instead, it's a RELIGIOUS CULT.  As soon as you
enter one of their meetings, they make you admit to being an alcoholic.
Then you must take the FIRST STEP, in which they tell you that you're
POWERLESS, and INSANE.  This FIRST STEP is the ONLY step out of the 12
steps that even mention alcohol.  The other 11 steps are about God and
religion.  Yea, they trick you at first telling you that you must
believe in a HIGHER POWER (which can be anything you choose), but the
word quickly changes to the word "GOD".  By the end of that meeting,
they will have you praying as part of the group.  

For the religious type of person this may not sound bad, but it goes
much deeper than that.  AA will then brainwash it's members, telling
them that they can never fully recover, and must attend AA for the rest
of their lives.  They go on to say that even one drink can kill an
alcoholic, or put them in prison or another institution.  And, anyone
who leaves AA will never be able to stay sober on their own. (Remember,
you're POWERLESS.  AA becomes the new addiction, and AA does a good job
of cutting their members off from the real world.  They want AA to
become your whole life, and you must completely abstain from alcohol for

Please note, the public is told that AA is NOT RELIGIOUS.  That is a
huge lie, because AA is ALL about religion.  In fact they have no real
solutions to actually stop drinking.  Instead you are supposed to turn
it over to God, and he will help you quit.  After that, you just keep
going to their boring meetings at least once a week for the rest of your

AA has a reputation for causing suicide among it's members.  That is
pretty obvious if you see how these people attend these meetings, hardly
ever smile, and have little or no entertainment in their lives.  They
just go to their meetings, which every one is just a repeat of the last
with slight variation.  

I know all of this, because I spent several years going to AA and
putting up with their crap.  This all began because I drank way too much
in my 20's, (which is not uncommon for kids in their 20's).  I left AA
after about 2 years, because I could see thru their bullshit and lies.
But leaving AA was much harder than quitting drinking, because of all
the guilt they use to brainwash their members.  But I did finally leave,
yet stayed sober for many years after I left.  Then I began drinking
again, and found out that I could drink in moderation, drink with
responsibility, and stop any time I wanted.  It's well over 30 years
since I left AA, and I now drink normally.  A few times a week at most,
and I never get more than a mild buzz.  

Kind of funny, when AA told me I could never drink again, could never
drink in moderation, and would be an alcoholic all of my life.  

Anyhow, I wanted to share this.  I am not suggesting that a person who
has alcoholic tendencies or just drinks too much, and it's harming their
life, not get help.  Some people do need to quit drinking, and others
should moderate.  Only YOU know what works best for you.  But you are
NOT powerless.  Everyone can quit drinking, by simply NOT DRINKING.
It's called WILLPOWER.  

But if you are really ruining your life from drinking, and find it
impossible to quit, by all means GET HELP.  But dont go to AA.  There
are other programs, there are hospital programs, and your family doctor
may be the place to start.  However, before you seek outside help, why
not just see if you can go without any alcohol for ten days.  If you can
do it for 10 days, you should be able to do it longer.  If you cant,
then seek help.

But I'll repeat, AA is NOT the place to go.  Your goal is to stop
drinking or moderate your drinking, NOT JOIN A CULT.

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