Slovenian Beer?

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I'll be visiting Slovenia this fall; any notable beers (especially the
less known ones) I should keep an eye out for?

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Chris Bastian wrote:
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That's an interesting question.  I've had a lot of fun by approaching
it from a completely different direction. There's a tendency for pubs
and restaurants in many european countries to specialize in one or a
few beers and wines.  So I take advantage of that fact by seeking out
new places for dining and imbibing every day.  No repeats unless the
result was so good it demands a repeat.  Consequently dining and
imbibing is always a surprise that 9 out of 10 times is very pleasant.

I still have pleasant memories of an italian-austrian restaurant we
stumbled across in Vienna.  With no fixed plans for dinner we used
crowd theory to pick a restaurant that also had an attractive menu.
Dinner was a delight and the accompanying Hefe Weizen was one of the
best I'd ever had.

Re: Slovenian Beer?

Chris Bastian schreef:
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At my homepage:
14 beers from slovenia

Harry Pinkster
The Netherlands
Re: Slovenian Beer?

Lucky you! Slovenia is a pleasant country with stunning nature and an
interesting beer scene (as long as you stay away from the likes of Union
Pivo and other industrial crap).

The best known resource for adresses to known Slovenian brewpubs and
microbreweries are at
If you want to read some reviews for these beers you could always try
Cheers / Per

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