Stone Brewing 10th anniversary IPA

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I picked up a pair of bombers of this at BevMo the other day. I like it
a lot.
The aroma is malty/ sweet and floral. Nice copper color, dense head,
leaves a good lace on the glass. Flavor is malty, almost honey sweet,
and (surprise) very hoppy. The hop flavor is citrusy and floral/
herbal. There is some hop bitterness, especially in the finish, but
nothing compared to Stone's Ruination IPA. It leaves a pleasant warmth
in the throat, being10% ABV, but does not have a strong alcohol flavor.
Overall, I was quite pleased this with this beer, and rather surprised
at how well balanced it is. I like some Stone beers a lot, but some
leave me entirely underwhelmed.
 Has anyone else here tried this?


Re: Stone Brewing 10th anniversary IPA wrote:
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My brother in Pasadena wrote me raving about it, so I went to BevMo in
Albany,CA (borders on Berkeley), and the guy that worked there said
they all sold out in a matter of hours after they came in: to U. of
Cal/Berkeley students. So I still haven't had a chance to try it. Your
review sounds just like my brother's, Jim. Are you at Berkeley, Jim?
Did you help rain on my parade? Can't you guys just go back to doing
LSD and smoking Humboldt County weed?

I asked the guy at BevMo when they expected more of the Stone 10 in,
and he said he didn't know, but I'd probably have to "stake out" the
store. Sheesh!

I'm impressed that both you and my bro said the 10% ABV still didn't
cause a strong alc flavor.

Re: Stone Brewing 10th anniversary IPA

rmjon23 wrote:

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No, I'm in SoCal.

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Umm, did more than my share of both back in the day, but those days are
many years in the past.

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 Good luck. I hope you can find some. My local BevMo had several cases
sitting at an end of aisle display. I will be going back and buying a
case, if one is still available.

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Yeah, the alcohol flavor is really not prevalent at all.


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