Ten Years Ago - Cincinnati Brewing Timeline

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Cincinnati Brewing Timeline

By Alisha Woolery
Cincinnati.Com Contributor

January 1812: The first Cincinnati brewery was opened by Davis Embree.

Courtesy of Hudepohl-Schoenling
1836: By the end of the 1830s, Cincinnati is home to 10 large
breweries, brewing traditional beer and ale.

1840: In the 1840s, large numbers of Germans arrive in Cincinnati,
bringing with them a desire to manufacture malt beverages.

1840s: The revolutionary brewing process to make lager beer was
developed in Europe.

1850: During the 1850s a surge of temperance activity begins. At this
time 90 percent of all beer consumed in Cincinnati was brewed in and
around the city.

1853: Christian Moerlein opens his brewery on Elm Street. It becomes
the largest brewery in Ohio by the 1890s.

1860: There are 36 breweries in Cincinnati.

1870: Brewery technology advances, the most important of which is an
ice machine patented to use liquid ammonia under compression to
produce cold air and ice.

1880s: Individual breweries like Christian Moerlein set up companies
to bottle their own beer.

1890: Cincinnati is known as the beer capital of the world.

1892: Cincinnati breweries produce 1,350,000 barrels of beer.

1901: Anhueser-Busch Brewing Association in St. Louis becomes the
first brewer in the world to manufacture and sell over one million
barrels in a year.

1918: Prohibition begins.

1933: Prohibition ends.

1933: Because of Prohibition, most of the breweries are closed.
Bavarian Brewery, Burger Brewing Co., Red To Brewing Co., and Hudepohl
Brewing Co. reopen. The Bruckmann Brewery continues brewing.

1934: Schoenling Brewing Co. is established.

1973: Cincinnati only has two local breweries left, Hudepohl and

1986: Hudepohl and Schoenling merge.

1999: Hudepohl-Schoenling and its beer brands are sold to Snyder
International Brewing Group.

- Information from "Over the Barrel," by Timothy Holian, "Cincinnati
Breweries" by Robert Wimberg and the Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing Co.


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