Top 10 Long-Forgotten Liquors

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  Top 10 Long-Forgotten LiquorsAfter Swedish divers found a
two-century-old bottle of champagne at the bottom of the Baltic Sea in
July, TIME looks at 10 drinks that almost got lost in the dregs of
Full ListOf Very Fine Vintage
?King Louis XVI's Champagne
?Beer of the Goddess
?Shackleton's 101-Year-Old Scotch
?Wine of the Sarcophagi
?Thomas Jefferson's Parisian Cellar
?Stone Age Beer
?Mortlach 70-Year-Old Speyside Single Malt
?Sorghum Beer
?Pulque, the Original Tequila
?Fossil Fuels Beer

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p.s. I've had a few of those... especially pulque ans sorghum beer!

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