UK: CAMRA only have themselves to blame

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I read in this month's Southern edition of Hop Press that CAMRA are
bemoaning the loss of more pubs and increased pressure on small pubs
from, among many other factors, the smoking ban.

When the smoking ban was proposed CAMRA were stupidly quick to support
it, now they rue the day.

Many smokers argued that publicans should have the choice, of whether
or not to ban smoking in their establishment, a practise which existed
at the time of the proposals for a blanket ban. Smokers also warned of
the massive drop in custom as a result.

CAMRA, spare us your crocodile tears. You were quick enough to
persecute smokers and withdraw their rights, now you pay the price of
sleeping with dictators.


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Re: UK: CAMRA only have themselves to blame

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too true.

Another trend that I have seen recently is that more non smokers are
visiting to eat in our local pubs but they do not stay to drink after
eating.  Consequently by about 10.30pm the places are empty.


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