Water is always a good choice to rehydrate after working out, but researchers suggest beer...

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Posted: 04/11/2011
Last Updated: 9 hours and 46 minutes ago

 By: Mike Markewinski KSHB-TV

Forget water or Gatorade. The drink of choice to rehydrate after a
good workout is beer.
Researchers at Granada University in Spain found beer can help retain
liquid better than water alone.
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The results were published in the British newspaper The Telegraph.
The study involved a group of students who were asked to work out
until their body temperature reached 104 degrees.
Researchers then gave beer to half of the students and water to the
other half.
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They said the bubbles in the beer help quench thirst while the
carbohydrates help make up for burned calories.
A cardiologist with the Real Madrid football team told the paper he
has long recommended beer to professional sportsmen after exhausting


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