What Happened to Natural Light?

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Yesterday I bought a pack of Natural Light beer. It is not what it
used to be. It is not even what it was a couple years ago. what has
happened here?

To expound, anyone who likes "real beer," fluid that actually pleases
your palate, stuff like Bass or maybe Becks or any of a number of
regional breweries need not comment critically as to why anyone should
drink an American-style light lager beverage. We get it. From the
original Miller Lite to Bud Light to Schaefer or Keystone, these are
alcohol drinks that should not be considered in the same grouping as
traditional beer. I'm asking the question of persons who have seen fit
for whatever reason to drink American-style light lagers.

In my memory, Natural Light has alway been a second-tier "okay" beer.
It had been described in reviews as having a "corn" taste with some
"penny" and this has also been my experience with it. It was distinct
(and cheap) but not repulsive. But what I'm tasting in this latest
pack is borderline undrinkable. I mean it's different and bad. It has
American-style light lager attributes (it's yellow and has some foam
if you pour it in a glass). I don't doubt it has whatever the normal
alcohol content for such things is.

It tastes like a failed corporate factory experiment. It's awful. It's
not like the Natural Light of a few years ago. Does anyone agree? Does
anyone know what happened?



Re: What Happened to Natural Light?
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