Why Beer Culture, Bockfest Are "So Cincinnati"

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What has goats, beer, sausages, parades and parties? If you answered
Bockfest, you'd be right! It's an annual event that celebrates
Cincinnati's rich brewing history and the coming of spring. Local 12
news reporter Rich Jaffe went deep underground for a look at an event
that is "So Cincinnati."

Behind an unassuming door, just off Court Street is a passageway to
Cincinnati's past. More than 40 feet underground is the lagering and
storage room of the old Gerke Brewery ... open to the public for the
first time during Bockfest. It's one of three such areas on the
Prohibition Resistance brewery tours.

Mike Morgan of the Over-the-Rhine Brewery District said "There are
very few cities that have these kind of attributes - this is a very
unique thing we have here in Cincinnati." Morgan added "It's almost
unbelievable that most of these spaces sat here unused until we
started doing these tours in 2006."

Looking like the ancient catacombs of Europe, these rooms stored,
cooled and matured a big part of Cincinnati history - beer. These old
structures are incredibly well-built, and there are efforts to uncover
more of them. Morgan said "after Bockfest, the craziness stops and the
hangover's over we're gonna come back down here and start knocking
through this wall the rest of the way and if there's anything on the
other side of it then the next set of tours we do will include the
newly discovered space."

Bockfest celebrates the city's German brewing heritage complete with
parades, sausage queens, music, tours and lots of beer. A Trojan goat
is a big part of the events, and building it, as you might imagine,
was a bit of a challenge. "Trying to keep it short enough to go under
the power lines across the street ... that became an issue," said goat
craftsman Keith Baker. "We had lofty goals and we had to scale back
significantly to get it down to a manageable height, another major
obstacle was trying to keep the crew that helped me with this sober
enough to complete it."

Urban archeology is the tie that binds the city's underground past to
the future and a springtime tradition that's "So Cincinnati."

Bock beer was originally brewed by German monks to get them through
the Lenten fast. It's higher in calories and alcohol than regular


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