World Beer Festival (long)

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Sorry this list is so long, but that's why I need help. :-) This
is a list of the beers that will be at the World Beer Festival in
Durham NC next weekend that I haven't already tried.  Please make
suggestions as to which ones I shouldn't miss.  I usually prefer
darker ales, browns, porters, and sweeter stouts.  Thanks for
your help.

Arcobrau Dark Lager, Arcobrau Dark Wheat, Urfass, Arcobrau Wheat,
Asahi Super Dry, Avinger Brau Weisse, Clausthauler Amber, DAB
Dark, DAB, DAB low carb, Holy Grail Ale, Riggwelter Ale,
Troublette, Cerzeza Cantina, Ace Pilsner, Cooper's Sparkling Ale,
Cooper's Pale Ale, De Koninck Ale, Fraoch Heather, Kelpie Seaweed
Ale, Grozet Gooseberry, Karlovacko, Kirin, Kronenbourg 1664,
Kurpiowski Honey Wine, Perla, Rebel Beer, Crystal Diplomat,
Maredsous 6, Nethergate Old Growler, Augustinian, Neuzeller
Porter, Black Abbot, Golden Abbot, Bathbeer, O.K. Beer, Old Stork
Pilsner, Dragonhead Stout, Red MacGregor, Dark Island, Pinkus
Ur-Pils, Radegast, Singha, Spaten Oktoberfest, Franziskaner Hefe
Weiss, St. Bernardus Witbier, Pax Limburgs Wit, St. Peter's Old
Style Porter, St. Peter's Organic English Ale, Tinkoff Russian
Pilsner, Trumer Pils, Unibroue Ephemere, Blanche de Chambly,
Three Horses, Utenos, Val Dieu Blond, Duchess de Bourgogne,
Zagorka Golden Pheasant, Modelo Especial, Pacifico, Pendle
Witches Brew, Samuel Smith Organic Ale, Scarecrow Organic Ale

Belk's ESB, Boondt Amber, Poleeko Gold Pale Ale, Sir Walter
Raleigh Ale, Sir Walter Raleigh Lager, Avery IPA, White Rascal
Begian, 14er ESB, Redpoint, Ellie's Brown, Out of Bounds Stout,
Capitol City, Cottonwood Almond Stout, Cottonwood Pumpkin,
Cottonwood IPA, Carolina Oktoberfest, Carolina Oatmeal Stout,
Copperline Amber, Sky Blue Golden, IPA, California Steamin',
Carolina Nut Brown ale, Carolina Oktoberfest, Carolina Pale Ale,
Carolina Lager, Dogfish Head Chicory Stout, 60 Minute IPA,
Dragonmead, Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout, Duck Rabbit Porter,
Duck-Rabbit Brown, Duck-Rabbit Amber, King David Red, Uncle Nut's
Brown, Helles Angel Golden Lager, Joseph Hewes Golden Ale,
Horniblow's Tavern Ale, Edenton Pumpkin Ale, Boomerang Lager,
Wild Goose Nut Brown, Wild Goose IPA, Wild Goose Porter, Wild
Goose Oatmeal Stout, Snow Goose, French Broad River Oktoberfest
Amber Lager, Wee Heavy Ale, Highland Heather Ale, Denver Pale
Ale, Bee Sting Gold Ale, Wild Raspberry Ale, Pontiac Porter,
Mocha Java Stout, Crown Brown, King's Pale, King's Irish Red,
Crème Brule Java Stout, Froek, Kuhnhenn IPA, Loonie Kuhnie,
Brothers Gold, Wild Blueberry Pancake Ale, Lagunitas IPA,
Lagunitas Pilsner Lamar Street Pale Ale, Left Hand Milk Stout,
JuJu Ginger, Tabernash Oktoberfest, Liberty Oatmeal Stout,
Furniture City Pale Ale, Miss Liberty Lager, Steelhead Scotch
Porter, Jamaica Red, Steelhead Extra Pale, Blind Faith, Jinx, #9,
Ravishing Red, Mash House Brown Porter, Mash House Oktoberfest,
Savannah Fest, Captain's Porter, Moon Light, Swamp Fox IPA, 1554
Brussels Black, Loft Ale, Fat Tire Ale, Blue Paddle Pilsner,
C-Note, New South Nut Brown, New South Oktoberfest, Otter Creek
Copper Ale, Otter Creek Oktoberfest, Wolaver's Organic, Otter
Creek Oatmeal Stout, Outer Banks Olsch, Lemon Grass Wheat,
McTarnahan's Amber Ale,Pyramid Porter, Pyramid Hefeweizen,
Coastline Pilsner, Pyramid Apricot Ale, Battlefield Black, Red
Oak Amber Lager, Redhook Nitro Porter, Widmer Hefeweizen, Rogue
Hazelnut Brown, Pinestripe Red Ale, True Blond Ale, Black Dog
Ale, Spanish Peaks White, Monterey Pale, Honey Raspberry, Shiner
Winter Ale, Shiner Hefeweizen,  St. George Cask Mild, St. George
Cask Zwickl Pils, St. George IPA, St. George Golden Ale, Mojo,
Starr Hill Amber, Frank Graham Porter, Top of the Hill Cask IPA,
Davie Poplar IPA, Old Well Wit, Kenan Summer Lager, Hop Pocket
Ale, Hop Pocket Pils, Williamsburg Stock Ale, Williamsburg Summer
Ale, Allagash Speciale, Total Eclipse Stout, Blue Foot
Oktoberfest, Twisted Tea Half & Half, Sam Adams Oktoberfest, Sam
Adams Hefeweizen, Sam Adams Light, Brooklyn Oktoberfest, Brooklyn
Lager, Dogwood Decadent, Breakdown IPA, Dogwood Oktoberfest,
Dogwood Pale Ale, Tire Biter Golden Ale, In Heat Wheat, Doggy
Style Pale, Harpoon Octoberfest, Harpoon IPA, Red Seal Ale,
Scrimshaw Pilsner, Blue Star Wheat, Pete's Rallycap Ale,
Wanderlust Cream Ale, Strawberry Blonde, Weeping Radish Fest
Beer, Weeping Radish Weizen, Black Radish, Widmer Brothers

Re: World Beer Festival (long)
Weeping Radish Fest and Black Radish are among my favorites, and having
recently tried Sir Walter Raleigh Ale, I wouldn't wash my hair with it, much
less drink it. Yuck.
Patrick W. Heinske  --  Central NC, USA

Re: World Beer Festival (long)
On 18 Sep 2004 14:50:50 GMT, lzeitgeist@aol.comNOSPAM (Patrick W.
Heinske) wrote:

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Thanks.....yes warnings are welcome too, didn't think to ask for
them in the original post.

Re: World Beer Festival (long)
Dragonhead Stout (I thought) was excellent...

King David Red, Uncle Nut's Brown, Helles Angel Golden Lager, Joseph Hewes
Golden Ale,
Horniblow's Tavern Ale, Edenton Pumpkin Ale, - these are all from the new
Edenton Brewing Company off Wicker Drive in Raleigh - Horniblow's Tavern is a
taproom above the brewery that's open 7 days a week - please come by and try
them there. Definitely a great place to hang out. The Tavern Ale is my favorite
of these (very hoppy)

Steelhead Scotch Porter is one of my faves... Battlefield Black is good...
Patrick W. Heinske  --  Central NC, USA

Re: World Beer Festival (long)
On 18 Sep 2004 14:56:01 GMT, lzeitgeist@aol.comNOSPAM (Patrick W.
Heinske) wrote:

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Thanks very much for the recommendations.  I'm afraid we won't
have time to visit the taproom this time, we're only coming up
for the festival, maybe next time.

Re: World Beer Festival (long)

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It looks to me like you prefer malty tones over hoppy ones?

I haven't heard of many of the brews you mention but...I do want to put in
my 2 cents worth. lol

Rogue Hazelnut Brown Ale is one of *my* favourites. The stuff that I've
tried from St.
Peter's (the organic Ale and Bitter) were very nice.

The Holy Grail Ale..was ok as was the Wee Heavy ale.(Bellhaven, I assume)

As far as IPAs/PAs and Pilsners go....
The Hop Pocket Pils and Ale are wonderful! Also, try the 60 minute from
Dogfish Head and,well, anything Cask would definitely be something I'd try

Have fun!

Best regards,

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Re: World Beer Festival (long)
On Sat, 18 Sep 2004 11:47:05 -0600, "Bill Becker"
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No, French Broad River.

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We certainly plan on it!

Re: World Beer Festival (long)
I would try as many of beers on the list that I could and report back to
the list what you think. Everyone tastes are different so you should try
to taste the beer you want.  I don't like Whit beer that is no reason
for you not to try the style. I would be interested in what you think of
different beers
My advice is just go for it, and have a good time


Mortis wrote:
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Re: World Beer Festival (long)
On Sun, 19 Sep 2004 20:56:38 GMT, george gray

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That is the normal procedure for beer festivals, but look at the
list again, there's no way I can try all of those in only 4
hours.  That's why I asked for suggestions.  Just so I don't get
back and find out I may have missed the best one there.  
I have been to other festivals, but not one with this many

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Thanks, I fully intend on having a great time.    

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