A Beer Book-Buying Bargain Bonanza! Only £800!

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Hurry! Before the count down ends!

CAMRA's Peak District Pub Walks Revised and Updated Edition by Bob Steel.

Only £801.09!! Or you can pay £37.79 per month for 24 months.
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Re: A Beer Book-Buying Bargain Bonanza! Only £800!

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If I was so inclined, I might get the out-dated version:
It's ?2.34

Bah, and indeed, Humbug.

Re: A Beer Book-Buying Bargain Bonanza! Only £800!
On Sunday, 11 March 2018 14:02:06 UTC, Kerr-Mudd,John  wrote:
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Just out of interest, I offered the guy a quid for it, using the eBay "Make
 an offer" thing.  

He refused, but he deigned to lower his price:
Now only "£300.48 or from £14.18 per month for 24 months".

That is not bad. it's a £500 reduction, after all. However, I have dec
ided to wait a bit, because CAMRA just sent me this email:

"New Edition  
Camra's Peak District Pub Walks is being re-written and re-walked, even in  
the recent cold weather. The Author, Bob Steel has doggedly been sending us
 new routes, updates on Pubs and pictures as proof of his intrepid explorat

We are excited about this new edition, as it promises to give something new
 to any readers of the previous edition, as well as introducing the newcome
r to an area of outstanding natural beauty and heritage.

This book is available now for pre-order at a discounted rate for members.

Pre-order price £7.99 (excl p&p) RRP: £12.99."

It looks like that might make the bottom fall out of the old Peak Business  
beer walks business.

YOU MAY ALSO BE INTERESTED in another, similar book. It is published by the
"30 Walks in Peak District (AA 40 Pub Walks)."
How much do you reckon that could be?

It is £1,451.71, or from £68.47 per month for 24 months. A total  

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