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Dear all,
I am looking for a good coffee grinder.

It should be easy to clean and I prefer one that works without

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Coffee grinder
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Hmm, you mean a manual grinder?

I have a "Zassenhaus" manual grinder, which sits between your knees
(to hold it securely) and has a nice big crank; it's very easy to use,
grinds quite well, and is reasonably compact (whereas more traditional
coffee mills seem to be kind of awkwardly shaped).

Not sure about cleaning, I've never "cleaned" it except to knock out
leftover grounds occasionally.  I'm not sure why it would be necessary
(the mechanism itself is going to be continually flushed by new

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Re: Coffee grinder
On 11/4/11 9:27 AM, Klaus Totem wrote:
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The Kyocera CM-50-CF is an excellent manual burr coffee grinder:

( product link shortened)

- Peter

Re: Coffee grinder
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Thanks for that answer. I presently own a Zassenhaus manual grinder and
have been using that for the past 6 or 7 years. There are some things
that I dislike about it:
 1. No lid for the hopper -> beans hop out while grinding
 2. Small tray for ground coffee -> 45g of beans do not find into it
 3. Not easy to clean -> very hard to take it apart

Reading the reviews on amazon, I get the impression that the Kyocera is
easy to clean and it seems the tray (or rather jar) has reasonable size.
Having a lid for the jar is of course not necessary as the ground coffee
should be used straight away.

Now for my questions:
 1. How do you grind with that grinder? For the Zassenhaus, it is most
    convenient to put it between your legs and hold it there.
 2. The Kyocera has no lid for the hopper, either, but the hopper seems
    to be quite high. Do you experience beans hopping out there?
 3. Is it really easy to clean?


Re: Coffee grinder
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Hi, I'm using a Hario Mini Mill Slim. It works great when you only want
to make one ore two cups of coffe.



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