A Newbie wants to know about MR.BEER

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Hi all!

I'm seriously interested in finding out any pro's or con's on the MR. BEER
kit...I've been reading BREW magazine and never finding anything at all
talking MR.BEER so I figure this has got to be the basic home amateur - get
your feet wet type of kit, but .... does this thing work? or am I just
wasting my time?

I was thinking it might be an intro, a stepping stone so to speak...

I am the most basic beginner, anybody's feedback appreciated!

Thanks! and bottoms up!

Re: A Newbie wants to know about MR.BEER

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I'd recommend getting a basic kit from your local brew store. shouldn't
cost more than 50-60 bucks and you'll have a lot more fun with it. The
beer will taste better (hopefully) as well.

Do you enjoy cooking? Cause brewing beer is basically sanitising and
cooking. :)

Re: A Newbie wants to know about MR.BEER

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I agree with Yohan.  Check around and see if there is a local homebrew shop.
If not, try one of the many online brewshops that have great beginning brew
kits.  Everyone that I personally know that used the Mr. Beer, ended up
buying a better starter kit from elsewhere, anyway.  Google homebrew and you
will get tons of hits.


Re: A Newbie wants to know about MR.BEER

I had started last year at christmas with Mr. Beer. It was OK for what it
was. It made an OK beer. This summer, I bought a starter kit and added a
glass carboy and got an IPA kit for around $100. You don't need the carboy
which was about $30, but it adds to clarity and fun when you can watch it
ferment. So, much fun, that I added a carboy primary. Anyhow, the Mr. Beer
kit I got was about $65. I, personally think that I would have been happier
from the start with the 5 gallon starter kit. The difference I see are, if
you make a Mr Beer batch you can't drink, its only a 5 liter throwaway, if
you mess up a 5 gallon batch, that you would drink anyway (because beer is a
bad thing to waste) it would take longer to get rid of. If you think about
brewing like a fish tank, a small tank can have things go wrong real fast
( a small problem is always a big problem), where a larger tank, some small
problems aren't as bad. Either way, I think both are fun and the only
difference to me is you get to experiment more with smaller batches(can
drink i faster).  Right now, from Mr. Beer I have 7 of the 8 one liter
bottles left. With the extract brewing I only have 9 of the 48 bottles of
IPA, I brewed, and half a keg of the Cherry Wheat I finished 2 weeks ago.
Seems like people like the extract alot better. I stiil have my Mr. Beer and
will sell it cheap + shipping, if you are interested.
Always have fun!
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