Activated Charcoal Filters for Cheap Alcohol?

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I read that cheap alcohol can be cleaner/smoother after filtering it
through activated charcoal (or a charcoal filter of some type). Assuming
I would want to filter more than one bottle, which is the most frugal
a) activated charcoal alone
b) a commercial water filter cartridge
c) a special coffee filter
d) an aquarium/other charcoal filter from a pet store

Is activated charcoal common, or would I need to find it somewhere special?

Re: Activated Charcoal Filters for Cheap Alcohol?
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I do a lot of alcohol base and I run mine through a carbon Z filter, twice.
It makes it very smooth and almost odour less and tasteless.


Re: Activated Charcoal Filters for Cheap Alcohol?
Do you usually use cheap vodka or other? How many bottles can each
filter handle before replacement?

Garry Beattie wrote:

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Re: Activated Charcoal Filters for Cheap Alcohol?

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No, I actually brew mine up from scratch using water, dextrose and yeast. I
then run it through my still to create about 3-4 litres of 80% proof
I water it down to 50% proof, making the volume increase to about 5-7

I then run this through a Z filter once, change the Carbon and then run it
through the new carbon a second time. I then keep the new carbon batch for
the first run the next time.

I then water the alcohol base down to between 35-40% creating between 7-8
litres in total. (Roughly 2 gallons)

If you are using Vodka I would assume it would have already been filtered
thoroughly anyway so you should not have to filter it. But to answer your
question, I guess you would be able to filter about 2 gallons of spirit
through the Carbon Z filter before changing the carbon.

Best regards


Re: Activated Charcoal Filters for Cheap Alcohol?
Activated charcoal is a very common "industrial chemical" & industrial
grades are cheap & normally bought by the tonne I think.
This grade is suitable for your needs, & of course there will be other
product features, maybe granule size & suchlike, that you would need to
Availability from a supplier of such products may be in 20Kg bags, I am not
certain its so long since I last checked, & you might have to talk the
supplier into selling such a relatively small amount.
Do not be put off by anyone suggesting pharmaceutical grades which become
very expensive because of the distribution & retailing issues.
Similarly, water cartridges & fish tank filters which may also contain
diatomaceous earth are likely to prove expensive.
I would experiment by simply adding the loose charcoal granules & swirling
around, exact rates of charcoal to crude alcohol would depend on the levels
of impurity in your brew but relatively such impurities would be low so a
start point might be 1.0 Kg per charcoal to say 5 litres.
As I recall the charcoal can be recovered by flushing with boiling water,
but you would need to check this.
Good luck

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