Adding ingredients after first week.

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I was just wondering, if I notice my Ale starting to slow in fermintation
after the first 4 days, is it ok to add additional honey or starch to get it
going again. I am concerned that I did not add enough starch to the must
when I prepared the Ale this time. I used oats and boiled the starch out of
them and removed the solids using a strainer. Last time when I prepared a
Simple Mead my brew stopped boiling after the first 5 days but when I tasted
it it was very mouthwashy so I went ahead and racked it any way since it had
a kick to it. This time my Ale that I am making stopped bubbling after only
4 days and i do not want to rack it because when I smelled the Ale it did
not have a very strong alcohol scent to it. That can't be good. Please help
me here.


Re: Adding ingredients after first week.
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You probably don't need to worry so much, and I think you need to be more
patient!  Good things come to those who wait.  (By the way, meads usually
take months to ferment, not days, although there will certainly be some
alcohol produced within a few days.)  Sometimes fermentation is complete
within 4 days, especially if you are fermenting at warm temperatures greater
than 70 F, which I assume you are.  You do NOT need to add any additional
sugar to get the yeast going again.  If you are concerned that you might
have a "stuck" fermentation, get yourself a hydrometer and take a reading.
If it reads less than 1.020, fermentation might be complete.  Check again 3
days later and if the reading has not changed, then you will know that
fermentation is complete.  If the hydrometer reading is higher than 1.020
but is stuck, then you might need to add some fresh yeast or some yeast
energizer, which is available at most homebrew shops.  Hope this helps.

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Re: Adding ingredients after first week.
On Sat, 22 Jan 2005 06:59:02 GMT, "none"

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Ale or mead?

Depending on the yeast and temperature, 4 days is okay.  Check the
specific gravity if you want to be sure.  It should be at or near the
final gravity, and it should stay constant for a couple of days, if
it's done.  (I've had Safale S04 finish an APA in 30 hours or so at

Re: Adding ingredients after first week.
I have finished the Mead several weeks ago but it was done in about 4-5
days. The average temperature in this room is about 78 degrees or warmer all
the time plus I kept it near the ceiling in a high shelf we have and that
must have been why it finished so fast. I think it is alot warmer up there,
possibly over 80 degrees. Right now I am working on the Ale and the same
thing happened to it, it stopped bubling after 4 days but I stored it at
floor level thinking this would make it bubble longer.
Probably I screwed something up but I hope at least I learn something from
you so I do not do it again.

Re: Adding ingredients after first week.
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Try to keep the temp lower by wrapping a wet towel around your carboy. 80°F
is too hot for most ale yeast, it will fermemt fast but may produce off
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Re: Adding ingredients after first week.
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Firstly, you can't boil the stacrh out of oats...the starches need to be
converted to sugar by enzymes.  The usual way to do that is to mash the
oats with some pale malt.  Also, I see from anopther message that your
temps are 78F...that's WAY to high to make good beer.  I'd just give up
on this batch and go to www.howtobrew to get an idea of how you should
do it the next time.

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Re: Adding ingredients after first week.
78? I guess its all in where you live, my basement is so cold right now I'm
looking at

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get it

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