Adding O2 to secondary?

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Any danger or reason in adding bottled oxygen to my secondary (White Labs
Kolsch yeast)?  I kept the primary right in the median temp recommended and
yet it was only active for 2.5 days.  After reading another secondary
question someone pointed out that it might not be worth attempting a
secondary as I have no visable activity anymore.


Re: Adding O2 to secondary?
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Do NOT add any oxygen to your beer at this point!!!  It may produce yucky
off-flavors similar to wet cardboard.  Sounds like your beer is already done
fermenting and will probably clear up fine in the primary, so a secondary
would be optional.  Leave it alone for a few days, then bottle.  Don't
worry.  You should be fine.

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Re: Adding O2 to secondary?

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Never, EVER, add O2 after your beer has started fermenting.  Even if it has
stalled.  You will just end up with stale beer.

Tom Veldhouse

Re: Adding O2 to secondary?

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It is not unusual that the fermentation is over after just a couple of
days.. So, if all the maltose in the wort is gone, why would you still
attempt to give fresh oxygen to the yeast? Doing so will ruin your
beer from now (the taste!).
Should you want to add some gas into the secondary then NEVER
use O2 but you might blow some CO2 over the surface. This can be
useful to protect the beer against infections when the beer is
entirely 'dry' (all sugars being fermented). I do this every time. You
won't need much CO2 for this.
CO2 is very protective. I tried to blow some CO2 over remainders of
sterilized veggies before putting them back into the fridge (I closed
the jar by the lid of course) and I noticed they could be kept fresh
much longer in the fridge than usual.


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