anybody know the sugar content of StillSpirits Top Shelf liqueur essences?

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I have a Strawberry essence and a Macadamia Nut essence. There is no
indication of the sugar content of these 50ml bottles. It says:

Use 650ml Alcohol @ 40% with liqueur bae B. Alternately use 200ml
sugar, 100ml liquid glucose & 250ml water.

I have just made a batch of what-will-be-close-to-an ale, and I intend
to use the strawberry and macadamia essences in some of the bottles
(and other flavourings, maybe spices, undecided at present, in other

I might do 2 longnecks, each with 25ml of strawberry essence, and 2
with 25ml of macadamia. However, I am unsure of the sugar content of
these, and whether I should not even using carbonation drops in those
particular bottles if I am to use the essences, as I want to avoid any
exploding bottles.



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