bad smell in fermenter

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I have made 2 batches of beer so far, using a 7 gal. food grade
plastic drum. I used fresh drums for each batch.
After bottling, I cleaned out the drums carefully. let them air dry
and put them on the shelf with the misc parts in side, and the top
ajar for air circulation.
there is a acidy smell left over in both drums. I filled both drums
with water and washing soda, let them soak for a few days, then gave a
good rinse, and air dryed, after a few days with the lid on loose, the
smell returns. weaker, but still there.
Any suggestions about a good cleaner? cleaning procedure? I'm using
b-bright as a sanitizer.
btw, both batches came out very good, but I'm afraid to make another
batch without an absolutly clean fermenter.
Thanks in advance

Re: bad smell in fermenter
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My experience indicates that the smell won't affect the next batch.
I just wash them out good and use them again next time, sanitized.
My buckets definitely have a strong smell, but it doesn't seem to
affect the beer at all.  RDWHAHB! :)

Re: bad smell in fermenter previously mentioned:

I would fill it with hot water and dump a box of baking soda in. Let it set
overnight. This worked for me when using pickle barrels that still smelled
of pickles.

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