Balancing Keg Pressures

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I am new to serving keg beer, and hate to admit that I actually bought a keg
of microbrew for a party.  I guess that will teach me not to make my
homebrew too far in advance or it will be gone!  I served my homebrew, an
Old Speckeld Hen knockoff at about 10 psi, 40 degrees fahrenheit, with about
12 feet of 1/4" tubing.  I tried to get 3/16" but my LHB shop only had 1/4".
It served beautifully, so that seemed to be teh correct amount of line for
that pressure.  When I serve the microbrew, an American Style Ale from Old
Dominion in Virginia, it foams like crazy, and wastes a LOT of beer.  I
started with the same tubing, at 40 degrees, which seemed to yield a decent
level of carbonation, but I could not serve it without getting 2/3 of a
glass in foam, every glass.  I tried lowering the pressure, as it seemd like
I did not have enough tubing, and it stayed teh same.  I have tried serving
it everywhere from 5 psi all teh way to 15 psi, with little or no
difference.  I'm confused.  What am I missing?


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