Banjo Burner Problems

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I got a new burner for xmas, and it is awesome. I was boiling 12 gallons
in no time. However, it occasionally would drop to low flame and would
not go higher. I would mess with it by turning the tank off and on,
closing the side valve etc, but it seemed completely random as to when
it would start working properly again.

It is a banjo burner with 30 PSI regulator and side valve. I had a new
tank and tried another tank with the same behavior.

Any thoughts?



Re: Banjo Burner Problems

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Some propane setups have limiters in them and you may be hitting that...
I've seen references to removing those (but I personally know nothing
about it and can't recommend doing that).

Also, I believe that propane tanks can "freeze up" when used at a high

You may want to do some googling on those two topics and see if you can
find some details.

Re: Banjo Burner Problems

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Are you using butane or propane?

If butane it needs to be well above zero celcius to boil off but if you're
pulling a lot of gas from it with a big burner and the whole cylinder temp
gets too cold it'll stop boiling and you'll stop getting gas.  Switch to
propane, it boils at a much lower temperature so you don't get the prob.  A
'normal' UK propane regulator at 47mbar gives about the same heat output as
butane at 30mbar so you should see no difference.

Alternatively buy what is often sold as BBQ gas or patio heater gas, these
are mixtures of propane and butane which effectively reduces the overall
boiling point for the same reason and are used because, like your boiler,
patio heaters use gas quicker than a butane cylinder can gain heat from its


Andy R

Re: Banjo Burner Problems

The propane tanks for exchange in the US are equipped with a safety
that protects from all the gas going out through the valve in
a short time.
Works like a limiter, as long as the flow is reasonable it
will continue to
flow. If the flow gets too fast then the safety kicks
in and pinches off the
flow. I have one of these Banjo cookers and if
you just back off the overall
output a little, you won't have any
problems. You might also have a tank safety
that is a little

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