Batch too watery...

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Ok, after reading the old posts from the newsgroup, I see that you are
not really supposed to add white sugar to a wort. A bit of advice a bit
too late. However, nothing was really said how to save a watery batch.
Here was what I was thinking, I have a 5 gal batch and was pondering the
idea of taking about 1gal of my brew and adding a couple lbs of malt
extract. Of course doing the routine of at least warming the 1gal brew
so the extract disolves good, then pitching another packet of yeast
after mixing it in good with the existing batch. You think this will
work or is there anything else I can try?


Re: Batch too watery...
sul wrote:
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OK, first of ALL, there's nothing wrong with using white sugar in a beer
if the recipe's formulated for it and you keep it to about 20% or less.
As to your idea, I think you'll end up ruining what you've already got
if you do that.  It would be better to make another batch and blend the

Life begins at 60 - 1.060, that is.

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Re: Batch too watery...

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You need to take 20% of your current batch to heat the extract to boiling.
This will kill anything in there!  Let it cool and then add back to your
base. Make sure you get allot of air Oxygen into that additional malt.

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