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I know beer must be conditioned when bottling with sugar but is there
any other way to condition the beer? I heard some people talking about
natural airation. Is there another way does this natural airation
exist. If so how is it done?
Why am I asking this all? Well I dont want the sediment at the bottom
of my bottles. Help!! PLEASE

Re: beer conditioning

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I'm not sure I understand "natural aeration"  but, the sediment to
seek to rid yourself of is, in my humble opinion, the mark of a true
brew.  When fermentation is complete if you carefully transfer your
wort to your bottling bucket you won't get any trub.  The sediment in
the bottle is simply the good stuff.  You know what went into your
brew (all good stuff I'm sure).  I personally swirl the last bit of
beer in a bottle to get to the good stuff, and encourage anyone new to
homebrew too do the same.

Brew on brother!
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Re: beer conditioning

If you don't want any sediment in your beer bottles, then the only way
is to
buy yourself a filtering system. After you've filtered away all the
yeast the
only way to get carbonation in the bottles is to artificially carbonate
them, so
you'll need some equipment for that as well.

If you do decide to do this, you must remember to leave your beer in a

secondary fermenter for quite a long time, since after the yeast gets
out the beer won't develop at all. And I'm sure you have noticed how
taste gets better when your beer conditions in the bottles for a couple

You must also remember, that aftificially carbonated beer will only
stay good
in the bottles for a month or two, whereas naturally bottle conditioned
will usually be good for much longer.

Natural airation? There's no such a thing. I believe the person who has
this meant to say natural carbonation, which is just another term for


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Re: beer conditioning wrote:
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I dont really know if this is what you mean, but there is a page on
Geuze beer which talks of a "spontanious fermentation". You can find the
page in English here:

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