Beer FAQ? or FAQ Beer?

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Does anyone know of a FAQ or web site that could enlighten a person as
to the different types of beer like Logger, Dry Hopped, Ale...ect?
I would like to know if they were really different in taste or if they
were just a marketing ploy.  I'd like to learn as much as possible
about the different types.

And a site that reviewed the different types of beer; perhaps even
graphed them out like Consumer Reports use to do once upon a time.

I'm not really looking to make beer, AS YET, just to improve my
knowledge base as an end user.



Re: Beer FAQ? or FAQ Beer?

If you want to know the differences between the styles, take a look here
For beer ratings, try this website:
Good luck,


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Re: Beer FAQ? or FAQ Beer?

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There really are differences.  Don't look to the mass produced mega
breweries to see the differences.  Try some of the craft brews or
brewpubs, etc. to see some style examples that really are different.

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Here is one version of a graph of beer styles:
There is another one around that is as good or better, but I've not
found a link to it yet...

Just search in for "beer styles" and such and you'll get
plenty of hits.


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