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Hi Guys got a quick question on a 10 gallon
primary fermenter.  Looks just like this one:
Basically my question is do I snap the lid down tight?
Or do I leave it setting loosely on top for the air to escape
since it has no airlock?  I'm sure lots of air would pass through
even snapped down... it's not a good seal.

Thanks in advanced,

Re: Beer Fermenting Question.

Sam Cormier wrote:
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To ask the obvious question, is this some special "not a good seal"
which might let pressure out but not contamination in? It's suggested
for wine, I'm not a vinter and don't know if that seal is okay, or ???

I always use beer equipment which I believe has a good seal, I have all
five gal fermenters which have gaskets and tight lids, figuring that you
can't be too careful what gets in the wort.

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Re: Beer Fermenting Question.

I wouldn't sweat the seal at all. If the lid is larger that the OD of
the bucket then it's OK for beer even if the seal isn't that good. You
can always use saran and a strong rubber band with a pinhole in the
middle if you are worried but the loose fitting but overlapping lid
should be fine.

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