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Does anybody know a cheap way to make a beer filtering system. I cant
see spending $60 to $90 to filter out a small amount of particles in my
bottled home brew .

Re: beer filtering
In my opinion, don't be a wussy and let your beer age for a few months.
Carefully pour it off the drub at the bottom of the bottle and - Voila -
clear beer!!!  If you're trying to impress someone on not having a cloudy
beer, make stout!

Uncle tommy

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Re: beer filtering

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Most folks on these groups don't seem to filter.  It only subtracts from
the beer (flavor too, if you filter too finely).

Most recommend letting the beer age some and most particles will drop
out.  Chill haze may still form when the beer is chilled...

You can "cold condition" your beer to really chill it: that is, store
your beer chilled.  In a few weeks the chill haze will also settle out
(but I understand it will re-dissolve and re-appear if you let it warm
up and chill it again).

I find that a little Irish Moss at the end of the boil and a few extra
weeks to condition is usually enough to satisfy most.


Re: beer filtering
No filtering for me .... I just rack it one more time and it's good/clear
enoguh for me.
If you don't like the gunk just pour carefully into a glass.

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