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hi! planning on buying some beer recipes kits,  I have four in mind.should I
buy the liquid yeast packs or just use the dry that comes with it. what do
you recommend


Re: beer recipes
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If you're just starting off in brewing, I'd recommend the dried yeast.  They
work wonderfully, and it's one less thing you have to worry about (you
should make a starter with the liquid yeast).  After you get your technique
down, give liquid yeast a shot.  There are many more varieties of liquid
yeast, and you can see how it affects the flavor of your brew.

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Re: beer recipes
The dry is best to start with and virtually fooproof.  I've found the
Nottingham dry to be as good if not better than many liquid yeasts anyway.
Just depends on what you're aiming for.

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Re: beer recipes
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As the two previous poster said, if you are a beginner it would be a waste
of money to buy liquid yeast. Sure liquid yeast can be the difference betwen
a good beer and an excellent one but you have a lot to learn before you can
see the difference.

If you haven't done so, go to to learn the basic of
homebrewing and make a few experimental batchs. After your techniques are
good, then it could be interesting to spend a few $$ more to have a good
liquid yeast. Dry yeat are mostly generic and don't impact the beer, liquid
yeast on the other hand can give a lot of flavors and put you "in the style"
of certain beers.

One verry important thing to have in mind if you buy a kit with dry yeast,
check if the kit and yeast have a "Best before" date, if not buy at least
another one as safety. Often yeast in kit are long time overdue and you can
have a verry slow fermentation start or an unfinished one, in either case
you may risk infection.
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