Best way to grow a yeast?

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If you want to grow a yeast from the deposit on the bottom of a bottle of a
beer that ferments on the bottle, what is the best way to do that? I have
tried it with  some Westmalle Tripel by adding some water with sugar and i
covered it with some cloth, a small Santa hat actually :) By the smell of it
there is probably some alcohol in it and there is also an increase in
biomass. My problem is that the texture is very different from the original
deposit. The original is a fine powder and what has grown is a sort of veil.
Is thia the yeast or has it become infected? The smell reminds me of
coconut. Appreciate your input!


Re: Best way to grow a yeast?

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Boil 4 ounces of DME and a dash of nutrient in a quart of water for
ten minutes.  Let cool (I put my starter wort in mason jars).  When
it's time to make the starter, make sure the wort and the bottle are
the same temperature to prevent thermal shock from killing the yeast.
Pour the wort onto the yeast sediment (or in a separate bottle.
Aerate and put an airlock on the bottle; it's not as festive as a
Santa hat, but it'll do.


Re: Best way to grow a yeast?
Phil wrote:

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Yea, It seems to me the best stuff to save is from the brewing apparatus,
pretentions aside.  To get a pure strain, you really need to be careful in
how you handle it.  There's a lot of sediment that's ripe for the picking
to store in beer bottles and whatnot.  I'm going to try it with my current
brew and see how it goes.  It sounds ok what you did, the veil being
suspended yeast particles and all, but are you sure it's not bacteria?  If
it doesn't really look like it, it's a small risk.  Really need to use a
bubble-trap to be on the safe side.  Good luck, Victor

Re: Best way to grow a yeast?
I apologize in advance for asking a  dumbass question but...what is DME. I'm
sure the answer will make mw feel ridiculous. I think I need a beer.

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Re: Best way to grow a yeast?
sorry all "dried malt extract"

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