Boil 3 gallons instead of 1.5?

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Would it hurt (or help) to make 3 gallons of wort and then add it to 2
gallons cold water, instead of making 1.5 gallons and adding it to 3.5
gallons of cold water?

I've been reading about a full boil or a partial boil... this would sort
of make an "in between" point of the two, heh... becuase 5 gallons needs
a huge pot, and would take a long time to actually get boiling.

But 3 would be a little more managable... anyone ever try this?  Any

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Re: Boil 3 gallons instead of 1.5?

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You can boil as much as you want.  The only thing in the recipe that
it would affect is the hop bitterness utilization.  With more water,
you'll need slightly LESS hops, because the bitterness is extracted
better/easier.  I don't know a mathematical formula for figuring it,
but it wouldn't be much different, just expect a little more bitterness
or take a tiny bit of hops out.  If you're using pre-hopped kits and no
additional bittering hops, it won't matter at all - they're already

Does it make it better?  It will let you make a lighter colored beer
because of less caramelization during the boil.  Otherwise, I don't
know of anything else that would change significantly (if you're doing
extract kits).  Extract already has (mostly) had a hot break, so that
doesn't change.  Cold break... well you probably get the best cold break
by adding to the larger cold water volume, so no advantage there.

Re: Boil 3 gallons instead of 1.5?

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It depends on your beer style.  If you're making a porter, stout,
doppelbock, Scotch ale, etc., there would be some benefit to the malty
caramel flavors by boiling a small amount such as 1.5 gallons and adding to
3.5 gallons.  On the other hand, if you want the color of your beer to be as
light as possible, you'll want to do the biggest boil you possible can,
whether that means 2 or 3 or a full 5 gallons.  If you're doing something
halfway in between (a copper colored beer), then you can do whatever you
want.  In short, the answer is, do whatever you're little heart desires.

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Re: Boil 3 gallons instead of 1.5?

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Slightly off the main topic, but if you use a 175,000 BTU cooker (the
kind that comes with most turkey fryers) it doesn't take long to get
6.5 gallons of water boiling.  The problem is keeping it from boiling

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