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has any one ever had any success removing corona labels? corona seems to
make great bottles, but i have yet to figure out how to remove the labels.
if any one has had experience with them i would love to hear the opinions..

thanks in advance


Re: bottle question
probably don't want to reuse corona bottles for homebrew anyway.  stick to
colored (brown is the best) bottles to filter light from getting to you
bottled "treasure".  i've managed to accumulate brown grolsch style bottles
(16 and 22 oz sizes) that work like a champ.  particularly like the reusable
stopper mechanism so i don't have to "recap".

bob p

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Re: bottle question

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I'm not a great fan of clear bottles for beer but have you just tried
leaving them to soak for a couple of days in soapy water that was originally
warm/hot? I find that this gets the paper off and the worst you have to do
is give the glue a scrub ( works for all the bottles that I have drunk but
don't know about Corona)

Re: bottle question
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I think the labels on Corona are painted on, aren't they?
Try some course steel wool, and give it a scrub.

If they're the clear plastic type, you'll have to peel them by hand.

Clear bottles will work fine to store your homebrew, so long as you
store them in a dark place.

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Re: bottle question

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Yep, they're painted on.  I don't think you can get them off.
Just use them like they are.

((I like to use some clear bottles now and then - I usually use one
sixpack in each batch so that I can see how the beer is looking.
Regarding skunking with clear bottles, just keep them in the dark -
in a garbage bag or in a box, especially out of sunlight and florescent


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