Brew to bottles to fridge?

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All the batches I've ever brewed and bottled, I've left the cases in
the extra bathroom tub (roughly 70-72 degrees) for 3-4 weeks after
bottling.   Is there any benefit/harm in putting some of the bottles
in the refrigerator for storage?  Does it affect the taste or the
carbination?  I never thought about it till now.

Re: Brew to bottles to fridge?

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You probably NEED one to two weeks at room temperature for carbonation
to develop.  After that, it doesn't matter where you store them.  If in
the fridge, any "chill haze" will drop out after a few weeks a low
temperature ("cold conditioning").  There might be some slight
improvement in the taste from the cold conditioning as well, but you
probably need more like "months" rather than "weeks" in the cold.


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