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I am making an extract recipe (with specialty grains) of a stout.
During the steeping process I got side tracked and the wort was
boiling when I got there to check on it. It may have been boiling for
15 minutes or so. I was supposed to pull the grains out just before
the boil started. The recipe instructions says "DO NOT BOIL THE SPENT

My question is this:  What happens to the final product if everything
else goes according to plan? Does it just affect the taste of the

Here is the recipe:

7.5# Breiss Dark Malt Extract
1# Roasted Black barley
# Chocolate Malt
5 oz. Cascade hops
Wyeast Irish Ale Yeast

Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks, Sonny

Re: Brewing Question
So far, I've never ended up boiling the grain husks.  But from what
I've read, you can expect to extract some harsh tannins from the husk
which you'll be able to taste in the finished product.  I doubt the
batch is ruined, but it probably won't be your best batch.
Good Luck,

On 13 Jun 2004 09:48:12 -0700, (Vashon Brewer) wrote:

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Re: Brewing Question

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The grain husks are supposed to have tannins that might get extracted
during a boil.  However, for the quantity of grain and the short length
of time of the boiling, I doubt you'll be able to tell it.

Tannin astringency will soften with age (ie. months in the bottle).

Anyway... many of the older brewing texts instruct you to boil the
grains anyway... so it is at least a debatable practice.


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